Marisa Hochman, Author

Marisa Hochman was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where she currently resides with her husband and three children. In poetry and writing, Marisa comes to her craft grounded in the honesty of personal experience. Drawing on her own memories and the activities and interests of her children as sources of inspiration, Hochman weaves stories that have a timeless and universally appealing quality, illuminating the moments of eternity that can be found in small things and simple everyday activities.

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Bette Woodland, Illustrator

Bette Woodland is a gold medalist from the School of Art at the University of Manitoba.  She is widely known as a painter and printmaker with work in many private and corporate collections across Canada.  Of primary interest to her as an artist is the effect of light on both the figure and landscape.  Working from photographs and visual field notes, Woodland’s paintings examine the transformative effects of light on day-to-day experience.

In the Studio:

A Walk in Pirate’s Cove: How the Paintings Evolved

The paintings for A Walk in Pirate’s Cove began with photographs I took of Marisa’s three children at Lake Winnipeg. Light was the most important factor. The photos had to be taken at the same time of the day (or night) as the story describes: early morning, midday, early evening, and nighttime. Photos could only be taken when the sky was clear so that the full effects of sunlight or moonlight could be seen. Although the children were photographed in specific areas, such as the beach, marsh, or pier, they were never posed. In this way, I was able to capture their unselfconscious gestures and stances.

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