About Thirty Six Peonies

For the Garden of the Mind

Thirty Six Peonies is an independently owned book publisher specializing in children’s literature. The company was formally incorporated in 2010 in response to authors’ and illustrators’ desire to have significant personal control over the artistic process and production of their books. Our debut title, A Walk in Pirate’s Cove, is the extraordinary result of our first foray into publishing.

What’s in a Name?

Our name is a combination of a very special number and a very lucky flower. In some traditions, the number 18 means life. The number 36 — a doubling of 18 — is “double life,” and is good luck. Peonies are not only beautiful flowers, but are also a symbol of luck and good fortune in many cultures. We wanted a special name, and we think we got one!

Our Mission & Our Philosophy

Our mission is to produce beautiful, well-designed books that inspire, amuse, and delight the reader. Our aim is to continue to produce high-quality children’s literature written and illustrated in Canada.

During the past few years, we have grown a lot. We’ve developed our own personal and corporate philosophy of life. Here at Thirty Six Peonies, we believe that life is a garden and that we are all gardeners. The things we surround ourselves with every day, the ideas that we fill our minds with, and the special things we endeavor to do all have the power to beautify our inner lives and positively affect the world around us. We believe that the little things are the big things. We are dedicated to nourishing the seeds of our own inspiration to bring beautiful books to bloom and into your home.

Our Team

Thirty Six Peonies relies on a highly skilled team of freelance professionals who are experts in their fields. Our core team is comprised of:

• Marisa Hochman, President & Publisher
• Brandy Polay, Type B Design
• Anna Johnson,  AJ & Associates
• Miranda Hersey Helin of Pen and Press
• Kate Hall, Third Boxcar

Sales & Distribution

We are pleased to announce that our imprint is now distributed in Canada by Fitzhenry & Whiteside Limited.  To purchase our books for resale, please contact them directly.